Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Book Round Robin

For the last seven or eight months, a group brought together by Kate Markey, my sister, has been working on a book round robin. In early October, I went to Davis, CA to celebrate the end of the project and to look at what the six of us had accomplished. Each participant chose a theme, created or readied a book form, worked the first pages, and then sent the book along to have each of the other people add their magic. The skill sets and styles were wide and deep, and the finished books were truly wonderful. This post shows what I sent out and what I got back.

My theme was Fairy Tales Real or Imagined. I used a largish board book, stripped the glossy part of the pages off, and lightly gessoed the pages. My cover and spread were done as digital collages in Photoshop, with stamped and photographic images. At times I used real images laid over the stamped images to create depth. These are the print files because I couldn't deal with the glossiness of the printed pages. The spread was a tunnel with four layers.

Autumn's Two Pages
Autumn Labbe-Renault does it all. She makes papers, she stamps, she collages. And now she can say that she has done scenic stamping. She did a lovely job. Here's lots more of Autumn's work.

Stacy's Spread
I didn't get to meet Stacy Goldenberg and I would have liked to. I enjoyed her attention to detail and the composition of her pages. I really liked her book form which was a "Pooh" book disassembled and immaculately reassembled in an accordion structure.

Deatra's Painting
What can I say? Deatra Cohen's painting (in this and all of the other books) is so imaginative and so accomplished. She brought along other books she has written and illustrated and they were all equally witty and charming.

Cheryl's Collages
Cheryl Lundstrom created two more of her amazing collages for my "Fairy Tales..." book. After our brunch, Cheryl talked Kate and I through her free association method. We spent several hours tearing images out of magazines and calendars that just appealed to us and later each of us put a collage together. More on that later.

Kate's Story
Kate Markey, my sister, stamped her images, scanned them into Photoshop, and then told her version of "Once upon a time..." which included a busy but very hip fairy godmother.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Halloween star book

This was a birthday gift for a friend whose birthday is October 29.