Thursday, March 26, 2015

Radiant Faces Work

In October 2014, I did a workshop called Radiant Faces with Effy Wild and her guest teachers. I posted my work in the classroom gallery but since that was a private gallery I'm posting some of it here.

This was the first lesson and Jane Davenport was the instructor. Our assignment was to work with inspiration from one of the pre Raphaelite painters to create "The Nymph". I chose Waterhouse's Lady Clare (the inset).

Lesson Two was presented by Tamara LaPorte and the subject was "The Inner Child". Going for a Dick Tracy look, I messed this one up pretty convincingly. However the lesson was really well presented and fun.

Christy Tomlinson presented Lesson Three, "Girly Girl". These started with pasting pieces of napkins, tissues and scrapbook paper into my journal which I has a wonderful time messing with. I wasn't crazy about trying to paint over the resulting very rough surface. The one thing I loved was adhering cut out flowers to their hair and then overpainting them with acrylics.

This was Lesson Four, "The Inner Goddess", with the very entertaining Julie Gibbons. My inspiration was from a painting by Susan Siddons as I wanted to use two faces and didn't quite know how to accomplish that. The coloring was done with alcohol markers. Well, since Blogger has decided to center my musings, I'll call it quits for this evening.