Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 31 of the 31 days of Halloween

It is here! This is the last day of the Hop and a long wait until next year! For those of you who are really sad it's over, it might be time to get some of those ideas out of your system and get a start on next year. I'm ready to learn what it mean to be on a Design Team.  I know that's old hat for lots of you but new and exciting for me!

My very last project, two months in the making and finished only yesterday is the whole mixed-media "Halloween" dollhouse. My husband wants to know what the heck we're going to do with it!!

Only a couple of surprises - the polymer clay gargoyle and the witch who's making her very first landing! I tried hard to find a stamp that would be an almost crash landing but ended up drawing her. I know, I know! I can draw a bit but it's painful.

It's been so much work and so much fun and I can't even count all the things I've learned! Hope to see all of you around the www again soon!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 30 of the 31 Days of Halloween

I never meant to have to post the attics but now that I've seen the photo of the whole house, it's just as well I am posting them - lots of detail lost in the house photo. Anyway, they are kind of lame. My fingers just won't do the tiny stuff and this time it's not because I'm old. I never could hold onto miniature stuff. For tiny, please click on Black Dragon in the blogroll and have a look around. Okay, enough chatter!

The stamp, and there's only one, is the surprised dunce/student in the bottom one. He's from Stamp Camp. The white things are PS brushes onto the photo - it just looked so bare. My favorite part is the drunken skellie telling the pumpkin stack what a great pal he is! The webby mist was a last minute thing to stuff in because they looked empty although I had put in what I thought would fit!

The hop continues at the beautiful blog of Lisa or if you are finally willing to take a look at the fabulous Halloween creations of the Wicked Bloggers, click on Terra's name in the blogroll -----> Thanks for stopping by and a special thanks if you took the time to leave me a bit of a comment! We all love getting them - you know it's true!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 29 of the 31 Days of Halloween

How do I put this delicately? Hannah and her guy, Harry have a few games they play, especially around Halloween. Wait, I'll let you judge for yourselves.

Hannah is "the" 2012 Rick St. Dennis witch. I consider her "the" witch but there are lots more to choose from and Harry is Rick's Executioner. He usually has a mean looking axe but Hannah requested he leave it outside this year as last year she ended up having to reattach a finger and a toe with a reattachment spell - doable but messy! He has a wicked cat-o-nine-tails too but there was no way I could extract his whip using a razor blade. I did the best I could to make one of jewelry cord. Since I have no personal knowledge of such things, I had to guess what they like to play with - most of the toys came from a box of discarded key rings. The spider chandelier was my hubby's idea! Such a good one! Although the bed is pretty hard to see, it was a wicked one from an online furniture source!

Wow, only two more posts and the month will be gone. It has gone so quickly! I guess if you haven't taken my advice to check out the bloghop by now, it's too late to persuade you. You'll never know what you've missed!  Lisa'a absolutely amazing projects are next - hop on over there and leave her some love. Thank you for visiting and for the lovely comments you leave behind!

Day 28 of the 31 Days of Halloween

The living room is the fifth room of my cigar box dollhouse and is populated by Count Dracula and his many bats.  I know you can only see three but they are nesting everywhere - in the curtains, the piano, under the couch. They drive the dogs crazy so the Count must leave lots of bones around to distract Vlad and Bram.

I couldn't seem to find a vampire that wasn't cartoony or that I was allowed to use with other stamps so I fell back on my Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers faceless one and Pam drew this handsome vampire face for me. Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers is now a division of Stamp Francisco - they have scarfed up a lot of the early stamp companies and have an amazing collection of vintage looking stamps! The dogs and curtains are polymer clay. And be sure to zoom in on the detail photo and look at that cool coffee table - an internet find! All the paper furniture and figures have been fussy cut and layered with at least three layers for a bit of dimension.

I saw so many wonderful projects yesterday and many people who are expressing a little sadness that we are getting close to done. I still have a bunch of ideas, but I'm ready to get this house glued together and move on to other subject matter. Thanks for all of your kind comments!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 27 of the 31 Days of Halloween

We're in the home stretch here, Wicked Bloggers! Like many of the rest of you I now feel there's a lot more Halloween in my head - although there were days......  The rest of my posts will be more rooms from my cigar box dollhouse and even though I've being working on it (off and on) since early September, there are finishing touches still to go - hopefully today! Today's room might be my favorite - the pumpkin clan's dining room. It clicked into my head the minute I saw Rick St. Dennis' description of Pumpkin Head - He's just a monster around Halloween.

Oh, if only the chef had listened a little closer! It was supposed to be a feast for pumpkins not of pumpkins. The round headed kids are in frames on the wall and as I was hunting for round headed old-fashioned photos, I came across this old guy. I was nearly done giving him his pumpkin face before I noticed who it was and by then it was Brigham Pumpkin. Funny because I had started reading The Nineteenth Wife a couple of days earlier!! The skeleton chair is exactly how I found it on the internet.

The end of the days continues at Lisa's amazing blog next or click on Terra in the blogroll to the right to start at the beginning! Here's a big cheer for the Wicked Bloggers and the Horrifying Hoppers who've made it this far! Yea!! Thanks for your kind words of encouragement!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 26 of the 31 Days of Halloween

The third room on the bottom floor of the dollhouse is the witch's kitchen. A lovely witch from Third Coast holds sway here.

Her foam mounted cauldron is from DJ Inkers, one of my first stamp purchases and I doubt if they even make stamps anymore.  This is the first furniture I've shown. Most, if not all, of the furniture I used is from online companies showing their wares. Thanks, all you furniture companies! Don't you just love that pot-bellied stove? We had just recently taken the old leaky one out of my studio in exchange for a smaller, more efficient one or I would have used a photo of it! They still bob for apples here - monsters have no germ phobias.  Most of the rest of the bits and pieces are either polymer clay or left over embellishments from my polymer clay business. I made the apples, pumpkins, cat and pickles in the canning jar from clay. If I forgot anything you would like to know about, just ask!

The hop continues from here to Lisa's blog or you can start at the beginning by clicking on Terra in the blogroll -------> You will see the most Halloweeny creations ever if you do!! Thanks for stopping by and for all of your kind comments!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 25 of the 31 days of Halloween

Room 2 of my mixed -media cigar box dollhouse is the entry. It is peopled by a zombie boy and girl from Saturated Canary. You will need to bring brains (extra ones) if you want a tour.

There's a ghost on the landing by Crackerbox Palace and a raven on the newel post by Stamp Francisco. Have you counted your bird stamps lately? - Pam and I did when she was here and we were shocked! This cigar box is small and the two doors are part of it, although I added the paper printed to look like doors. Stairs, zombies and raven are all composed of at least three layers so if they look out of registration on the edges that's why! I made the tree out of wire and beads and stuck it in a clay pumpkin.

The hop continues from here to Lisa's blog. I know you will be astonished at her mastery of the craft! Or start at the beginning by clicking on Terra's name at the beginning of the blogroll. --->

And again, thank you for all of your kind comments here and on all of the blogs. We truly appreciate them!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 24 of the 31 Days of Halloween

Sometime during the summer I bought and started reading a book called Mixed-Media Dollhouses. It shows seven houses, each with seven rooms, created collaboratively by seven artists. They are done in cigar boxes. Having a cigar store with lots of cool boxes nearby,  I snagged a few -at least ten and started stripping the papers off but couldn't think of a theme. And then along came the 31 Days of Halloween. Although my house is only mildly haunted, it does contain lots of monsters! The first room I'm showing is the dungeon:

                                          Click on photos to enlarge for detail.

The primary image is a zombie from last year's Rick St. Dennis prize sheet. He's the dungeon master and very good at his job!  There is also a set of steps from Third Coast. I printed the stone walls and floor and the torture chair. Everything is cut out and stacked at least three images deep.The skeleton in chains is one of those squishy ones from Michaels and I had to sculpt the skeleton in the chair - the squishy ones wouldn't fit. The mouse is another polymer clay creation as are the many stones glued to the edges. The bones and skulls are from a bracelet from Michaels. As the rooms started coming together, it became obvious that they wouldn't look as "mixed-media" as the ones in the book because I settled on a few techniques that I liked and because only one person was doing it. Lots more to come - you know I love complicated projects!!

The Hop continues on Lisa's  beautiful blog if you're going in order or you can get all of the info you need to start at the beginning and see all of the wondrous Halloween artwork by clicking on Terra's name in the blogroll ----->. I continue to be amazed and educated by all of the creations I see every day. And thanks for leaving your comments - they are great motivators for all of us!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 23 of the 31 Days of Halloween

My offering today - Shelton Skellie and his mini-me and Halloween prezzie, Shellie Skellie. The stamp set of bones is from Lost Coast. I only meant to stamp the shrink plastic one but the first time I stamped the Stazon black on the plastic, it was a mess. You can wipe that right off with a good stamp cleaner - so I did and the next time through I checked each stamp by stamping on a sheet of cardstock first. In the end I decided to assemble both of them and make only the plastic one into a jumping jack as originally planned.

We had filmed a cool video of Shellie doing the Monster Mash but as I read the Google disclaimer to get the video uploader, I realized it would probably be stupid to use it with whatever music we were using but here is the short, crooked video we took to figure out how to use the camera. Sorry!! The other one was pretty professional. Hahahahaha!

The Blog Hop continues with a gorgeous creation on Lisa's blog or you can start at the beginning by clicking to go to Terra's blog in the blogroll on the right side of the page. Thank you for all of the kind comments you leave!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 22 of the 31 Days of Halloween

Just a short description because I want to say a few things I neglected to say yesterday when I announced that I would be a part of the Rick St. Dennis Design Team. First, I just adore the artwork that Rick does. I love the detail, the humor, the sheer amount of choice. And also, I'd like to thank him for being so kind in making his offer to me. He knew I was apprehensive to make a commitment but was really supportive. So thanks!!

This Craft Witch was one of the freebies at the Rick St. Dennis online party a weekend ago. You either got it or not - it is now retired. Several of the bloggers have colored it and every time I see it, I think -well, that's me. Then I got the idea to put her on my craft table as a setting. And make her old with thinning hair. Ha! So here she is.

The Blog Hop continues from here to Lisa's wonderful creations or you can click on Terra to start at the beginning. The blogroll is on the right side of the page. We are over two thirds done and I have seen amazing  projects and I want to thank the Bloggers for their beautiful work as well as the Hoppers for their encouraging comments!

Rick St. Dennis Elite Design Team

Drum roll, please....Yes, that's right!  I've been asked to join the Elite Design Team of Rick St. Dennis.  And I'm still  in a bit of a shock over it.  I  have never even wondered what a Design Team does behind the scenes although I've certainly noticed the gorgeous artwork they post on the challenge blogs.  

Thank you, all the lovely members of the team who have been so welcoming! I'll definitely be in touch with one or two of you while I'm trying to get up to speed!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 21 of the 31 Days of Halloween

A while back I peeked into the Vent to find a discussion going on about "Tilda" stamps. As I've said before, my whole career was built on "cute" so I try to avoid it now. Alex expressed a strong distaste for them as well as for clowns and porcelain dolls. So this digital collage is called Alex's Nightmare" and came to me as a result of that discussion.

There are stamps in there - the skull on the piper's face from 100 Proof Press and the rats from Artful Impressions.   From the internet I got the book form (My Journal), the dreamy background (Sol Stock on Deviantart), the piper ( University of South Florida literary files) and the many images of Joan Walsh Anglund's Halloween children. They are my generation's "mouthless" kids since I didn't want to actually buy any "Tilda " stamps. I have one book by Ms. Anglund but they are Christmas rather than Halloween kids. That's my clown doll (vinyl, not porcelain) made by kish & company  to resemble the Picasso clown in the print. There are lots of filters on everything. The Hamelin buildings are a font called Cityscapes. As I was finishing up, my dear husband asked if Alex liked rats and I said, "Oh, dear, I hope not. That would ruin every thing!".

Please use the blogroll on the right side of the page to continue on the hop- Lisa is next- or start at the beginning by using the link to Terra's blog.There are wondrous things to behold! Thanks for the encouraging comments that you've left here for me. I do enjoy them so much!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 20 of the 31 Days of Halloween

I found a copy of this cabinet card when I was looking for people with roundish heads for a project next week. When I was done playing with these two for that project (only needed the heads) I couldn't let this go. So this is the first of the Halloween flavored Mother Goose cabinet cards. If you would like to play along, feel free. My fracturing skills were challenged by this one.

There is only one stamp - the passionate Mr. Pumpkin by PSX. Actually I put the face on him. He was just an ordinary pumpkin until he got stuck here.

The blogroll is on the right and will direct you to the blog of the oh so creative Lisa. Or if you don't know what you're doing here and you're in the mood for some Halloween stamping art click on Terra at the beginning of the blogroll and she has all of the information you need to have a good time. Plus even if you don't know what you're doing here, there are some awesome prizes you can enter a drawing to win, if you only pay attention while you are observing said lovely art!

I just realized this afternoon that I missed a comment on one of the blogs yesterday, so that chance has one less participant so stick it out you Horrifying Hoppers -there can't be many of you left! I will continue to comment since that's mostly for myself anyway and thank you for all of the lovely comments you are leaving here!! They make my day!!

Oh, btw, since I don't have children at home to help me out, my DH occasionally does a funny - like this grouchy pumpkin head he constructed on the kitchen table:

Day 19 of the 31 Days of Halloween

This project was done because like most every one else, I've been wowed by the fabulous things that the various artists have been doing over at Leigh's Domino Sharpie Queen blog. I had actually played with dominos the first time I saw them used for stamping, collected several of the tins of tiles and I guess not been quite as inspired by my own work with them. So I wanted to think of something unusual and, love it or hate it, I think you'll agree it's different.

My main image is Rick St. Dennis' fortune teller, Esmeralda. I ended up transferring her to the dominos using the old  method of rubbing the back of an image with pencil. While it was pretty successful, her chin got caught in a crack - OUCH - and she did end up looking like she'd been sipping out of Alice's bottle. Sorry, Rick! I made the tray out of polymer clay -  to my great dismay it shrinks a little!!! I painted her with alcohol inks straight from the bottles and drew the lines with India ink. It turns out that the ink needs fxative and in my limited trials I have not found a product that will dry on the dominos and not lift the alcohol ink. I think Leigh may have said dimensional sealer but I don't have that in my arsenal. It will be added to my shopping list of all of the products that the Wicked Bloggers are teaching me about! And I thought the studio was already crammed.

The hop continues over at Lisa's blog and if you're lost, click on Terra's link at the top of the blogroll and she will set you out on an amazing journey of viewing magical Halloween art! Thank you for all of the lovely comments you've left me!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 18 of the 31 Days of Halloween

I have lots of pictures today so I'll try to have less words. This project was one that came of a piece into my head and it was just a matter of finding the stamps to see it though. There is one actual picture of the book. The rest of the post is from the digital pages I printed to put into the book as it didn't want to lie flat to get scanned. I tried printing on matte paper but ended up with glossy photo paper to get the sharp graphic look I was after.

 These two pages are the front and back covers.

Wicki Witch and the Haunted House and the door and the axe are from Rick St. Dennis.A lot of the bats are Inkadinkado but also 100 Proof Press (frogs and snail and teapot and cup too). Books and bookshelf are most likely Third Coast. The candy is Inkadinkado again. I used Chiller font for the witch's voice and A Mouthful of Beer for the kids' voices. Oh, the kids are that Michaels Halloween set.

I am sorry to hear that some Bloggers and Hoppers are under the weather and hope everyone recovers to be able to finish up. I'm actually feeling a little ahead of the game as Pam and I are going to a tiny stamp show this Saturday and I needed to get a wee bit ahead!

Another day of beautiful projects - if you haven't made it around to see the whole Hop, you should really try it!! Start with Terra at the top of the blogroll and go all the way! Thanks for all of the wonderful comments you are sending my way!! And now get on over and see what Lisa's done today!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 17 of the 31 Days of Halloween

The base for this project was a set of chipboard shapes with pretty pink, black, white, green and yellow floral designs on them - both sides. They were joined together with a ball keychain. I think these were also a gift from Pam. But I do buy stuff for myself once in a while! One thing I got in anticipation of the Blog Hop was a small box of glittery Halloween cutouts from K & Company, actually the kind of stuff I almost never buy but this was in a box that looked like a little porch with a cutout window. And that's the kind of stuff I fall for! So no ideas and all this STUFF! I started arranging the pieces on the shapes and it was kind of fun. Got out the Distress ink pads, applied Halloween colors to cover the springy flowers, stamped backgrounds to enhance each loosely themed piece and started gluing. Just what I needed to get my head back in the game!!


I was just grabbing and throwing stamps so if you have questions, I'll try to figure out which ones I used.

There were so many mind blowing projects yesterday that my comments didn't do justice to. Time just slipped away. The Hop continues from here to Lisa' s imaginative creations.And thank all you visitors to this tiny corner of the web for your kind comments!!

Day 16 of the 31 Days of Halloween

Today's glittery offering (and I'm wiping glitter off my keyboard as I type this) is a Halloween card made with Rick St. Dennis' Hannah, the coquettish witch that stole my heart this year.

The hats are from Studio G and the broom is from the CTMH Wicked set. Glitter really isn't my thing but I thought of a way to control it a little. Who could control it a lot?? This was the second try and the first one had glitter lumps EVERYWHERE!!

I will be entering this in the Sparkle and Glitter Anything Goes challenge on the Sparkle and Glitter blog.

I suppose that everyone is getting a little worn out coming up with all of these wonderful projects that I'm seeing every day as I do the Hop. I cannot believe how much I'm learning from seeing the projects, reading the descriptions and watching or reading the tutorials - way to go, Candace!! But after this project was in the bag yesterday, I felt my nose right up against the wall. As in I almost hit it! I decided to try doing a project without pondering over it and came up with something I will show tomorrow if I get it finished and photographed. Most of you don't know me personally, but doing something without thinking or planning is a pretty big step!

Enough, enough! The blogroll is on the right side of the page. Lisa's amazing creations are up next or you can click on Terra at the top to find out what the 31 Days of Halloween Blog Hop is all about.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 15 of the 31 Days of Halloween

It's the middle of the night here and instead of tossing and turning, I'm going to tell you about my day 15 project. I had something in mind to do with a little wooden picture frame (the original idea is completely gone) but when I got out my box of picture frames I saw these beauties. Pam had given them to me either for Christmas or my birthday and didn't they look just like Halloween. The other part of my inspiration was several things I had seen here that reminded me of quilts. I cannot think of what this pattern is called where you piece strips and slice them apart and slide them around and put them back together but I did it with some of my Halloween papers and then mounted  skellie heads from Stamp Camp onto those little paper quilts.

I'm finding the breezeway has a little more light on cloudy days than the studio unless I take my pictures before the cats are out of the garage and can just raise the studio door (also a garage but attached to the house) and that's where the brick wall comes from. I know, I'm being a little too chatty but I'm not sleepy yet!!

If you are here by accident, click on Terra's name at the top of the blogrolll ---->  to find out what our Hop is all about and possibly join us to see Halloween paper art that will amuse and amaze you!   If not, your next stop is Lisa's blog with her gorgeous creations. Thank all you Horrifying Hoppers and casual observers for your kind comments!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 14 of the 31 Days of Halloween

My offering for today is a quirky little card.  I consider it almost too pretty even though it's set in a dungeon so had to add the greeting on the inside. I had let it get too late to take picures (aren't the days getting too short too fast?) so had to scan the card but the dimension of the elements (pop dots) made it hard for the scanner. Anyway, here it is:

The girl in chains is from Queen Kat Designs, one of our sponsors. The artist is Myka Jelina, The dungeon stamp is from - oh, darn, that's not marked in my stamp journal - maybe Stamp Camp? I think I grabbed the spiderweb paper from a Martha Stewart stack although I know there were several webbed papers to choose from and this one was one of the darkest.

The projects for Day 13 were fun, fun, fun and sometimes pretty funny! I had such a good time seeing what everyone had made. It's also great FUN to get the comments you leave. They are so appreciated!!

I can't believe how fast half way done comes up after a third of the way done! Just thought I'd throw that in there since it's time to remind you that the blogroll is on the right side of the page and that you are headed for Lisa's magnificent blog, or if you're lost go to the top and let Terra set you straight!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 13 of the 31 Days of Halloween

Do you know the expression, "the tail wags the dog"? Well. that's what these wooden legs, purchased for 99 cents sometime in September, did to me. I kept plugging away at it but the legs were in charge of the style and the size of the project the whole time. I got to get out my old Dremel scroll saw and cut the upper body and arms - learned you should stamp before you cut on pieces that small! The arm stamps are from Burnt Offerings. The bats from Inkadinkado. I made the background paper from merging a PS paper of mine and the one that Jean was giving away on her blog. I tried the flower thing but not accomplished at that yet.

The bloghop continues from here to Lisa's beautiful creations. Or if you want the rules, start at the beginning on Terra's blog - first in the blogroll to the right. Thank you Hoppers for all of your kind comments! 
Do you know the expression, "the tail wags the dog"/

Day Twelve of the 31 Days of Halloween

You may have noticed, or maybe not, that I really get into the stories that my work, and yours, create in my mind. Today's project is no exception. I've named it Show Me The Way To Go Home after the old drinking song.
This altered candle holder (sort of) from Hobby Lobby is dedicated to all the "haints" who end up spending Beggar's Night drinking in the local bars and pubs because the night is full of screaming children and they themselves can't even raise a scare out of an old lady and if they hear one more, "Nice costume!", they will run howling into the night.

So my alteration consisted of sticking my little haunted house scenes behind the glass inserts. It sounds too easy but I couldn't get enough detail when printing on vellum (I composed the scenes in PS because of the size of the openings) so had to print on a transparency and put the vellum behind that. Still pretty easy I guess. The houses are from Crackerbox Palace, Stampendous, Stampabilities, Inkadinkado, ???, and Rick St. Dennis from left to right and top to bottom. Both tree branches are from Stampscapes.

I thought that at this point in the Hop, some of us might be slacking off a little but the projects I saw yesterday certainly didn't seem like it! Gorgeous and interesting and funny and just plain wonderful - you Wicked Bloggers are quite a crew! And you Horrifying Hoppers leave gratifying and perceptive comments!! Thank you so much!

Oh, almost forgot, The Blogroll is ----> You know what to do with it or if you don't, check out Terra's blog at the top of the blogroll. Lisa's blog with her amazing work is your next stop!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day Eleven of the 31 Days of October

We are a third of the way through the month - that is a huge milestone! Congratulations to all of the Wicked Bloggers and Horrifying Hoppers. I have my fingers crossed that I can make it all the way. Oh darn, that makes it even more difficult to typw!
So uncrossing fingers, I have a totally digital project for today. As I was being obsessive about my people with batwings, I started noticing the succubi digital stamps out there. All I remember about succubi is that there was one in Ghostbusters, the movie. So I went to Wikipedia and discovered, tucked in with other interesting information, that Pope Sylvester II confessed on his deathbed to having a relationship with one. I'll post the project now and tell you more. Excited?

This succubus is the Night Flyer from Rick St.Dennis, a little bit of magic I happened across. The building is a stamp from Stamp Camp - it's an Italian monastery or something like that - close enough. Well, I'll just give you the high points of the story (roflmao). He was the first French pope, a darling of some higher ups, and he was an academic who either borrowed a design for an abacus using Arabic numerals or invented one. Not his only scientific achievement, it did enable him to perform complicated arithmetic that was not easy for Romans using Roman numerals, a beautiful but rather mixed system with no real base number. I love this stuff but feel free to skip to the bottom. Because of his studies in Seville and Cordova, Islamic cities, it was rumored that he practiced sorcery. He was considered to be the pope until his death but in fact the emperor, Otto II was deposed and Sylvester fled with him and was killed in his third attempt to reclaim the papacy. In legend, his "good" succubus, Meridiana, helped him to become pope. I'm not really a history buff, but the combination of math, science and succubi was irresistible to me. Wikipedia has lots more good stuff on succubi mostly about sex but wouldn't you rather read about math!!!

Wake up now...I'm done with the "?fun facts?" so get on back to the hop. Lisa is next and the rules are available at Terra's blog.at the top of the blogroll!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day Ten of the 31 Days of Halloween

Although this may be my favorite project this year, it's completely unrelated to the finished creation or the level of skill it took. The little box was given to me by my father maybe 20 years ago and although I always treasured it and made room for it on our two cross country moves, I had never used it for anything. So seeing it in a new light and using for this bloghop was special to me. That being said, I would like to issue a WARNING...WARNING...WARNING  that the box contains some scatological material so if this would offend you or if you have children viewing with you, just take a look at the closed box and skip to the bottom of the post: I'll make it easy by separating the possibly offensive material by lots of spaces.

The box is walnut wood with the sweetest little catch.The stamp is one by Inkadinkado that Pam had with her when we were working together. After I stamped and colored the image, I crumpled and recrumpled the  paper to age it, then cut it to fit the top. I used Tac-It Over and Over to avoid a permanent bond. Like I'm going to think of something else to do with it in the next twenty years should I live that long!!

Okay I'm going to add the extra spaces now:
















I do not remember if my dad brought all of the little tubes also or if I happened upon them at another time but I have 10 or 15 or them. It would be nice to have a miniature test tube stand to display all of them. Plus who knows what my wicked brain would think of to put in them!!
















Well that about takes care of it on my monitor - hope it worked for yours too! The Blogroll is on the right side of the page and I guess we all know how to use it!! If not, click on Terra's blog link but be sure not to peek at the contents as you scroll back up to find it. Thanks for the comments you've being leaving. I saw someone today say they make all the work worthwhile - so true!! Plus seeing all the incredible things you're doing!!

Day Nine of 31 Days of Halloween

My project for today is another card. This one uses a vintage image but instead of altering it, I played off the expressions on their faces. I left the mostly sepia tones as is only adding a spot of dark orange here and there. I found papers to match the general tones in a paper pad from Me amd My Big Ideas and I'm pretty sure that strip of red/orange is something I made in Photoshop.

That"s a mirror inside the cutout witch image from 100 Proof Press. I did a booklike job of mounting the mirror in a circle cut out of chipboard and then wrapping the witch page around that (like you do on book covers). The type was all done in Photoshop.

Everyone's creations were outstanding yesterday! I know how hard everyone is working to keep coming up with these wonderful projects so I want you all to know how much I enjoy looking at them. Particulars about the hop can be found on Terra's blog ----> and Lisa is the next stop after me. Thank you again for all of your kind comments!!