Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Studio II

Well, I put these in backwards. The last photo is Ken putting some temporary lights in for us to work with. Then Kate working on a project and lastly (actually firstly) a few shots of the studio all ready to go. The bears, books, beads shot is there because Kate arranged them the way she wanted them, which I thought was a stitch. The book she made for my birthday is too tall for the shelves and is sitting in the window. The windows will get blinds so won't always be so bright in photos.
There was a bit of time spent looking for stuff but not really as much as I had thought. We did oodles of crafting which I'll show on the next post and hopefully, she will show hers on her blog too since time just ran out on getting photos of everything.

The Studio

The studio is in a semi-attached garage across the breezeway from the house. We had jumped right off the deep end shortly after we got here and had a Naturestone floor installed. Crazy me thought that was all there was to it. But a really cold winter and getting most of my working supplies into the basement made me a bit more willing to wait for insulation and other amenities. Ken and Barry and I blew the insulation into the walls and although I thought I would just be in the way, the machine was so loud it required someone to signal between the hopper and the end of the hose.
Ed and Dee Ann, friends of ours from Lancaster, came to help with the wiring. The guys managed to do most of the nitty-gritty stuff in two visits. The diffusing lights and the fans still need to be installed but we wanted the finishing work done before that.
Ken and I nailed supports for the pieces that were to go between the joists, stuffed pink insulation into the cavities and cut and installed the short pieces of 2 x 8s to fit between the joists. We were really pleased with the results of that last finishing touch. We also insulated below the beaver board with foam insulation and put up a baseboard but I couldn't find any pictures of that because at that point I got overly anxious to get moved in. Ken had told my sister Kate that we would try to have the studio ready for her visit in July. I knew it would involve more than just moving everything out there. We had to organize it and then try to remember where stuff got put away. Assigning letters to each bookcase or storage unit helped me know what went where after the organizing was done. Most of the work was done when our friends had time to provide the help we needed or when it rained and we couldn't get into the garden.