Friday, February 29, 2008

Dreaming journals

This journal page was one I had a hard time getting started on because I had painted the background a pretty bilious shade of pink, overpainted ugly brown, and was not inspired by either. The hands, the dresser, and the borders got me started and I filled the drawers with the stuff that's always in the dresser drawers of the houses I'm exploring in my dreams.

But last night I had a dream I've never dreamed before. I found an old art journal of mine that was filled with wondrous pages. They weren't painstakingly overworked , they amazed me and I wish I could remember even one of them. And now the circle is complete: dream -> journal -> dream.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Making Background Papers

When Kate and I get too tired from staying up too late to think clearly, we spend some time exploring new techniques to create backgrounds. These are all done with acrylic inks using techniques we read about in Alisa Golden's Painted Paper. I had had the FW inks for a long time and hadn't used them so I was extremely pleased to use them for these backgrounds.

Sleeping With the Fishes

Having a bit of cabin fever, Kate and I left the cabin to go to the library in Bellevue to get some more magazines to tear up for collage cards and art journals. We hadn't been to that library before and really liked it. We spent many hours tearing up the magazines and organizing our treasures. Even Kei Chi tore out some pictures. We played a little (I finished up this journal page I had been working on a while) and got out for a walk.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Two Journal Pages in One Day

My sister, Kate, is visiting for a few days and of course we are playing. This morning we set up a blog for her called Escape From the Library. There is a link in My Favs. Then we started art journaling. It was her first so she didn't get it finished but I did an amazing two in one day. The backgrounds are painted with acrylics and rubbed with soft pastels as usual but I did much more stamping on these pages than I have done before.