Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sleeping With the Fishes

Having a bit of cabin fever, Kate and I left the cabin to go to the library in Bellevue to get some more magazines to tear up for collage cards and art journals. We hadn't been to that library before and really liked it. We spent many hours tearing up the magazines and organizing our treasures. Even Kei Chi tore out some pictures. We played a little (I finished up this journal page I had been working on a while) and got out for a walk.


Dieverdog said...

Isn't the library upset with you cutting up magazines? Or are you scanning them first? This one is fun... very close to my pisces sensibilities!LOL

Sharon Sahl said...

Oh, we bought the magazines from The Friends of the Library sale. The little branches have a few which I've always picked over but the Bellevue library must have had close to 400 magazines. A dime for National Geographics, a quarter for most everything else and fifty cents for Architectural Digest. We each spend about $3 and I haven't even gotten through mine yet.