Thursday, May 8, 2008

Off the Treadmill Participants

I've been musing and musing about this, but since Todd, Kei Chi and I are going back to Oregon in about a week and a half, I decided it was time to get these photos up and let y"all see what I'd been up to.
The first photo is our gang Ken, Todd and Kei Chi. Next is The Ravin' which I originally thought was The Raven but it was explained that his "nickname" is derived from his style of online blogging. After that are Sally and Andy who travelled to the workshop from New Jersey. They also visited Washington and California on their journey. Next is Mary. She lives very near to us as it turns out and is also returning to Oregon in May for the cob building workshop. And last but not least is Bozidar posing with Todd. Bozidar is from Croatia and was returning there to open a retreat with his family as soon as this Off the Treadmill workshop was over.
We got to know all of these people fairly well as a lot of our time was spent exploring the reasons we were there and what we hoped to achieve from the experience.

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Dieverdog said...

Very interesting. I've been waiting eagerly to hear about all of this from you. I'm still not sure I have a good understanding yet, but the houses are cute. Not sure I could make that much of a lifestyle change myself, but the concept is interesting and commendable. Sounds like you met some lovely people and had a great time.