Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Future Berries

My sister, Kate, called about a month ago and told me she wanted to give us a "new house gift" of some blueberry bushes since it takes a couple of years before you can start harvesting them. She said she had found a great place in Madison called The Blueberry Patch and they had a deal of six bushes and asked if I knew the place. I told her we had been to Madison (nine hours away in Wisconsin) but weren't very familar with it. When the plants came, two of them were snapped off pretty low to the ground and Ken noticed they had been shipped from Mansfield (half an hour down the road). I'm pretty sure Kate heard me say that we weren't all that familar with Mansfield. So we called and arranged to change the broken bushes plus we added two more when we went over. They sat around for a while before we tackled planting them: the instructions called for a 2 foot diameter hole 18 inches deep refilled with half soil and half peat moss, 6 feet between plants and 8 feet between rows. We've got lots of room to plant - it was just a matter of deciding where. Black raspberrries, which I had been pining over since I saw some plants at the auction, seemed a breeze by comparison so we got 13 little plants and put them in too. However, we used the last of the sunny days to get that done and are now waiting to get back into the garden. More on that soon.

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