Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Studio II

Well, I put these in backwards. The last photo is Ken putting some temporary lights in for us to work with. Then Kate working on a project and lastly (actually firstly) a few shots of the studio all ready to go. The bears, books, beads shot is there because Kate arranged them the way she wanted them, which I thought was a stitch. The book she made for my birthday is too tall for the shelves and is sitting in the window. The windows will get blinds so won't always be so bright in photos.
There was a bit of time spent looking for stuff but not really as much as I had thought. We did oodles of crafting which I'll show on the next post and hopefully, she will show hers on her blog too since time just ran out on getting photos of everything.


Toddman said...

Nice couch!

Kei Chi Lam said...

The studio looks wonderful :-)

Dieverdog said...

wow, it looks great! I admit I wasn't sure and I liked the basement set up pretty well... but this looks every bit as cozy and much more roomy and better lit! Can't wait to get up there and get to try it out! Only one question... what 's in the basement now?