Thursday, January 10, 2013

Images from Music - "You Can Leave Your Hat On"

 I've been in a mood to finish up old projects and finally decided that this one will never get the covers I had envisioned for it because it's perfectly fine the way it is with the painted covers. It's been so long since I made it that I do not remember where I first saw the book form. I have a lot of bookmaking books but think I saw this one in a magazine. The pages are 4" square primed canvas. I painted one side of each in teals and the other in burgundies, both sides edged in gold and all the paints were Golden acrylics. I zigzagged the edges together with gold colored thread and tried to leave enough room between them to make it easy to fold.The small collages were made with shiny sheer material, the images, and bits and pieces of stuff. They were assembled and sewed onto paper and then glued to the book pages.

The lyrics, of course, are from Randy Newman's "You Can Leave your Hat On". I love the stories he tells in his music and have more artwork inspired by his songs but this is the only one I ever finished. The images are from and possibly from and were purchased bundled onto discs. .

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Baarlo said...

Oh, Sharon, these are beautiful. I sort of remember (or think I do) you starting on this. The colors are just great and the way you layered and then stitched.... a bit out of the norm for you and you did such a great job with it! Lovely!!!