Sunday, June 16, 2013

"Just Like a Pill" Musically Challenged Entry

Having arrived at this point in my life without ever seeing some of the music videos that are being offered up as inspiration for artwork, I find them quite stimulating. A fellow Smeared and Smudged crafter, Kapree, has started a blog Musically Challenged which offers a new video to work from every two weeks. Additionally the Smeared and Smudged forum offers a monthly video in their challenge group.
The Musically Challenged video for the current two week period is Pink's "Just Like a Pill" and here is my interpretation. All of the work was done in Photoshop CS5. The hallway walls were created using a stamp from The Stamping Ground morphed into perspective and then flipped to create two sides. The floor is a pieces of a stamp from Lost Coast. The figure is constructed from several of the mix and match figures in the book/CD Manga Females Clip Art, a lovely gift from my friend Pam. The costuming is by me. Bits and pieces - light bulb, pill, pill bottle, and bodies are from the internet.

If you've just happened along here be sure to check out the Musically Challenged blog. Great fun!!


KC said...

oh wow Sharon! this is so cool! it looks like it was loads of fun to create! you totally captured it all...i love your girl and she looks just like Pink...and how you created the hall but my favorite part has to be the pills...he he he I'd take those twice a day! thanks for joining us!

Dieverdog said...

Interesting and neat.... looks like a crazy dream. It is such a neat idea to combine music and art. I like the imagery you used and the font is perfect for this.