Wednesday, May 21, 2014

And Some Brand New Goslings

Our pond is approximately 1/2 acre and although we have seen up to seven or eight geese on it at a time, there is a breeding pair who try their very best to keep the pond to themselves by honking, attacking and generally being territorial. In the six years we've been here, they've learned to nest more discreetly and managed to produce offspring in 2012. Last night while we were taking pictures of the birdfeeders, Ken got out the bigger lenses and was getting the shots from the last post when he noticed that the geese had brought out five little goslings. We walked out to the pond and got these shots - the best we've ever gotten.

We don't know what relation the extra goose is, only that it seems to want to be part of the family. Papa goose was busy trying to chase it away, but it seems to be fairly thick-skinned and stayed around keeping its distance.

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Dieverdog said...

I hope the babies have managed to grow up... but from what you've said maybe most didn't make it. Maybe the other one was a suitor or brother to the others. It's nice you have geese but maybe if there are coyotes they are getting them. I kind of wish there weren't so many coyotes around - makes me worry for the other animals and the cats in particular. My cousin's wife says they have one in the field by their house - in Lewisburg, OH.