Monday, December 10, 2007

Art Journaling 101

My husband Ken and I and our daughter-in-law Kei Chi spent Friday and the weekend making Christmas cards, mostly stamping but also using some photos of last year's snowstorm and some computer editing . This was the first time that Kei Chi had much success with the paper play which I love so much. When I showed her some of Suzi Blu's art journaling videos we decided that was something we might attempt together also. We didn't vary at all from the formula Suzi suggested since it was Kei Chi's first art journaling experience and the mix of art materials was new to me. The first thing we did was write down all the excuses we had to not do the journals, and when I ran out of excuses I wrote that my dog didn't like art journals. As we worked, he would not stop barking at us so KeiChi said that he really didn't like art journals. Consequently, he got scratched into my background. We had a good time and I hope that we will continue to do some art journaling together. I really enjoyed the enthusiasm in the Suzi Blu videos and think she could inspire almost anyone to try to make ART.

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Dieverdog said...

How fun, how arty! You got loose! I'm proud of you... I will have to try that...I got some new brushes so I can try that, just haven't quite had the time yet. I'm glad Kei Chi liked it, they both turned out really nice. You are inspiring me! Sandy and I are gonna meet up next Thursday and craft shop and she wants to get together to craft maybe one Thursday each month or something... I hope we do, it would be fun. She has some supplies she wants to learn to do some things with.

Got your Christmas card... love it! I recognize all the stamps! I miss making cards at your house... and borrowing some of your stamps (not that the 3 or 4 boxes I have isn't enough!). Has Ken made any this year?

Too bad Sambo isn't more cooperative about your journaling... and it didn't even help that you included him in the page... he's so ungrateful! Silly dog!