Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Printer Fixed(?)

This will just be a quick update on my HP8250 printer that was giving me fits. I came across a website: http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/forums/inkjet/38355
that had some recommendations for dealing with the "Out of paper" problems that seem to plague this printer. While I haven't used the Brute Force idea of cutting a hole in the bottom of the printer to access the problem areas, I'm keeping my mind open to the idea. One of the ideas was to buy a product to clean and recondition the rubber rollers (the ones inside the printer that are a pain to get to) rather than use alcohol. As the owner of a lot of rubber stamps, I should have already thought of alcohol being a no-no. And I have a stamp cleaning liquid that reconditions the rubber and really works well so I just used that. And at least for now, it is feeding the paper and letting me get a few last minute Christmas gifts done.


Dieverdog said...

I think you should re-think the alcohol solution, but instead apply liberally to yourself.... then you wouldn't be nearly so bothered about the printer not working! LOL

Sharon Sahl said...

If only all problems had the same simple solution and if it actually solved anything. But, we'll crack open a bottle or two of wine when you're here and work on the problems of the world.