Monday, January 28, 2008

I saw some black and white photographic work of Dominic Rouse, in which he somehow created disturbing surreal images working directly with negatives. His images had a very dark, possibly gothic, look. I decided to try for a similarly dark look in Photoshop. Without photos of old house, church, and castle interiors, I used a shot of our stairway and added old doors and windows (some clip art and some of my own). The first time through I worked in black and white, but found that too intimidating so I started over in color. Overall, I would call this more creepy than disturbing but I couldn't leave it alone. The tatooes were made with brushes from Obsidian Dawn, the spiders from In Obscuro, and the other grunge was done with brushes from Vered. Until I added the grunge, I almost couldn't look at this; that made it even more difficult to work on!

If I continue to work with this size image and create a faux tarot (there are so many ways to play with the word tarot) deck, this one will definitely represent wasting time on a major scale.

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Dieverdog said...

OHMYGOSH... I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one! You have way passed me up in the Photoshop department! It boggles my mind how you get everything to go together the way you do! And your concepts are so wildly wonderful! I love you as the puppet master... but for that you lost the strings for Sambo! and the armadillo... is he on account of me or just a coincidence? It certainly adds to the whimsy of it. Hey, if you ever get a deck together, I'll buy one!