Sunday, January 27, 2008

Journal Pages

I've been stuck working on all three of these journal pages simultaneously. For each of them, I knew what they were about, but although I felt the images expressed my feelings, I had a very hard time with the words. In the case of the mercy page, there were too many words that I needed to get out of my head, so it became maybe a little too raw for here. Whatever! The city page just flew together but I didn't know how to express what it meant to me. The words, cut from an excerpt of Architecture & Fear that I found on the internet, and just thrown into phrases that don't make a lot of sense individually, do a good job as a whole.

1 comment:

Dieverdog said...

wow, these are deep. Very expressive. It's hard to find words to even react. I'm sorry you are going through such a troubling time... glad you have your art to fall back on to help you sort through it, even if only a little. I haven't done a lot lately except think about doing stuff and sleep a lot. If you need to talk, call me.