Sunday, October 19, 2008

First Frost

This morning when I took the dogs out to go to the bathroom, there was a light frost on everything and we could see our footprints in the grass as we walked. I hurried them back inside for breakfast, grabbed my camera and went back for a few shots. The pond looked clearer than usual so that made a good shot, the frosted grass of course, and then these things that are all over the ground under a big tree by the pond. Barry says they are chestnuts and I have no reason to doubt him. They are quite spiny and I steer clear of them when the dogs are along.
The first shot is some acorn squash we got at our very first produce auction. We had forgotten it and had slept a little late so it was already started when we got there. It was much smaller than the one we went to with Jean, so not intimidating at all. As I made my way to the action, a bid had just been completed on about 25 dozen eggs @ $.65 per dozen and I was surprised the auctioneer let the bidder take what he wanted which was only a couple of boxes. He let the losing bidder take what he wanted (about 4 dozen) and was hunting for someone else to take the rest, so I asked if I could have some without a number and got 4 dozen and instructions to go get a number real quick. We also got a bag of 5 pounds of new potatoes the same way, and I finally actually bid on the squash and got them for 60 cents each. They are small and very tasty. The Jerusalem artichoke was given to me by a man who got a whole box of them. I asked him what he was going to do with them since I've never fixed them. He thought he was getting sweet potatoes so was surprised to find out they were Jerusalem artichokes. We'll go again next week. Another customer we talked to said the auction goes all year, but later in the fall and winter is mostly hay, firewood and pastries. She also told us about another produce auction on Thursdays so we're going to check that out too.


Dieverdog said...

Pretty shots... love the pond... I always liked the pond at my uncle's farm. Those spiky things look like little hedgehogs curled up. Wouldn't be good to step on one if you didn't have shoes! Have you opened one up yet? Might be good for some art project somehow, depending. I didn't know they had produce auctions... what an odd concept, at least to me. You'll have to explain it to me sometime.

Dieverdog said...

You should put your link to your website (your ornament site) on here! I don't see it anywhere!