Monday, January 5, 2009

Farm Pix

I haven't gotten out to get pictures of all of the snow, so here are some earlier ones.

I had tried and tried to get the ducks that were using the pond from late October through the beginning of December and they wouldn't let me get close. But when Pam was here, 12/10, we were walking through the woods and came up on them from behind and they just sat there for a photo shoot.
The tractor pictures were from even earlier, sometime in October. Ken wondered why I was so intent, but anyone who knows me knows my greatest fear is being behind the wheel of anything. Combined with the boredom of going about 1/2 mile an hour, it made for a strange expression. We were dumping leaves from the yard out in the woods.

1 comment:

Kate Markey said...

Ride 'em farmgirl! You look good behind a wheel!