Monday, November 2, 2009

The Dreamscape Book

This accordian book is one of my favorites. The little scenes are overlaid with pieces of sheer vellum that can be lifted to see the scenes better. It was really different to try to distill the essences of these places I dream about into stamped scenes.
Two more of my "little books" are posted April 2009 and October 2007.


Kate Markey said...

I have always loved your dreamscape book. I have also always admired your ability to put crazy dreams into words and/or images.

Dieverdog said...

I could say almost exactly what Kate said! I recognized this when I saw it, so glad you posted it! I have also always loved this one... it is just so neat. I love dreams and dreaming and yet I do so little to record them and have no idea how to do it visually. I love what you did with the vellum, that is a great thing to convey dreaminess.