Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rubber Stamp Madness / Little Books

While we were still in Kirkland, I submitted most of the scenic stamping I've done over quite a few years for a special publication Rubber Stamp Madness magazine is doing on scenic stamping. The whole thing seemed to get put on a back burner and with our move I didn't give it another thought until last spring when I thought I'd like to get my submissions back and realized I hadn't sent in a change of address. Shortly after I contacted them, they asked if they could use some of the submissions for a feature in their Holidays issue(pictured here). The writer for the article was the delightful Barbara Blanks whose blog is now in my links. The issue came out last week and the article said that some of my little books were to be seen here on my blog. Since the focus lately has been the move and gardening, I thought I would post a couple of those little books. This one is in the form of a star book but shaped like a nautilus shell. It has snippets of the poem "The Chambered Nautilus" by Oliver Wendell Holmes. I'll put up another one tomorrow as The Amazing Race is calling me to the boob tube.


Kate Markey said...

I had forgotten this book. Can't wait to arrange it on your shelf properly.

Sharon Sahl said...

Oh, honey, you already did!!

Dieverdog said...

That's so cool... I tried to look for it in the store but I don't think this issue was out yet, that cover doesn't look at all familiar. I will have to look again this week and maybe it will be out. The one I had I pored through like 3 times and didn't see anything by you and was wondering if I was missing it somehow. Now I know what to look for! That's awesome. I haven't sent anything in to a magazine in years! Maybe I should get back to that again if I can push myself. Congrats! You should do it more often, your stuff is so wonderful!