Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This is the studio about two thirds of the way through October. I still had not quite worked myself into a 6" x 6" working space on the table.

The studio is in the attached garage and is the best working space I've ever had because it holds everything but the computer. The light isn't wonderful but we use daylight flourescents in the big fixtures hanging over the tables so it suffices. The only area that's really dark is in the bookcase corner and when I get a fixture over there, it will be fine. The old fashioned stove is getting replaced by a newer woodburner this winter that hopefully will be cleaner and more efficient but I really love this one. Actually, I'm crazy about every nook and cranny of this place - love going out with my doggies and creating!

As far as shots of after the cleanup, they don't really exist. It only gets to that state by special request. I'm not a neatnik and put one major mess away only so I have room to pull out the next!


Steph said...

Oh wow, I would love to have that much space!! And it looks so organized.

ike said...

Oooh, I would LOVE tyo come in there and have a nose around. It all looks so organized. Do tell me - that tope picture with all the little shelves on the left.... is that your coloured card stash all neatly sectioned out ???? !!!

ike said...

Ooop - sorry such crap typing... should be 'to come' and 'top picture' !!!!! DOH !!

blackdragon said...

What a wonderful work space.... makes my summerhouse/studio look tiny.
Its lovely to find someone else who can create in 'chaos'...i find chaos inspiring!

itseva said...

Wow, I am extremely jealous of your workspace! What a nice place and so organized as well.