Monday, November 28, 2011

The Empress of Useless Feelings

While playing a Big Fish game "Puppet Show: Lost Town" I came across this box man and grabbed my camera. Thank goodness I had the presence of mind to do it at that point because once you found his head and put it on, you couldn't get a close up.

I knew I had to make a box person for a good friend for Christmas. Mine turned out to be a box Empress and I made it a receptacle for some dark things I'd been thinking about.

I bought a wooden box to use but after I'd made the head, it was much too small for the original box and I found this paper mache one in a drawer of alterable containers. You know - Altoid tins in two sizes, candy boxes, interesting cardboard boxes someone will wonder why I saved! I've never used so much glue on a single project in my life.

In a nod of the hat to Big Fish Games, I photographed her on a couch and in my animal chair where she becomes a "Hidden Object".


Heather said...

Wow, what an amazing assemblage piece. Did catch a giggle when you made her into a hidden object!

itseva said...

I just watched a trailer for "Puppet Show: Lost Town" because that image made me curious. Mechanical beasts and cave spelunking in a good old-fashioned adventure I need to get that game!
Wonderful work on the box Empress! She is amazing. And the picture of her as a "hidden object" is just genius.

Dieverdog said...

So glad you posted her - she is just TOO awesome! You are so tremendously creative! (I guess I'll just have to keep telling you til you believe it!) The stuff you do knocks my socks off.