Monday, January 16, 2012

Antiquities Project

One reason I treated myself to a new version of Photoshp was that my sister Kate had gotten CS5 in 2010 for Christmas. For her it was a huge step and she was getting frustrated with all she had to learn so we are now working with the same version for the first time in years. And we both have a lot to learn! This project was a start. We each made a background (courtesy of some techniques I found in Digital Art Wonderland) and then each picked some images that fitted our theme of Antiquities. Her project is here:

Thanks for looking!!


Kate Markey said...

I love the alien collector of earthling artifacts! I had no idea where you would go with yours and I think it's so cool.

Dieverdog said...

Wow - great job! This looks so professional - like it could be a book cover. With that title I'd love to read the book, if there was one! The colors all go together so well. Superb!