Saturday, April 11, 2015

More Radiant Faces Output

Here are a few more of the things I produced in the "Radiant Faces" classes.

This was Kylie Fowler"s lesson and I think that she is a portrait artist. She was a real wiz with the Neocolor II crayons and although she ran into several stumbling blocks, she persevered to show us it could work out in the end. Most everyone expressed discomfort working on their own image but we all just had to get over it! My bird, eggs, and butterfly were just pasted on with no further work on them.

This is the only one I didn't do in my Strathmore watercolor journal. Jamie Dougherty asked us to work on wood so I did using a cigar box. The piece of wood she was demo-ing on was much lighter so my results weren't typical. Also lots of other students just worked on paper. The media here was waxy colored pencils which I've never liked compared to watercolor colored pencils, but I would have to say I learned a little about working with them. 
This is the lesson that Effy Wild taught using a range of acrylics, mostly Golden, but other brands as well. She seems to prefer working with artist quality paints that have some sheen to them. I had a few heavy body acrylic paints including very few Golden and struggled with them to the point of feeling that I had not begun to master the techniques she was presenting. I will definitely redo this lesson with one of my own drawings. It was very interesting!

This doodling lesson was given by Joanne Sharpe. I have her book on lettering. I am a total klutz when it comes to Zentangles and doodling but managed to fill in the spaces and get it colored - I think maybe watercolor paints or watercolor pencils, don't really recall. As usual, I couldn't manage to make myself write some sappy, happy words and just turned it into a little joke! 
The next post, I'll show the really awful painting I did that I couldn't even look at and what I did to alter it so that I didn't have to cover it with black paint to leave the page in my journal! Looking back on this work, I can see that I never managed to get a smooth, creamy  look on the skin. Bummer!

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Dieverdog said...

I love these... and they are all so different. You take on and try things I don't think I ever would. I especially love the tarts lady - I love that graphic style. But the one on the box is really cool, too. And I also love the one of you - puts me a little in mind of Claudine Helmuth's work. It's amazing how different they all look.