Sunday, June 7, 2015

Radiant Faces Clss - My Biggest Mess

I love Dina Wakley's art, both in her Radiant Faces class and in her book, Art Journal Freedom. I don't have Art Journal Courage yet but it's on my short list. However this attempt at her very free techniques produced the only journal spread that I felt I needed to alter to be able to view without wanting to cover it with black gesso. In addition to that hideous face, I hated the big purple blotch in the upper left corner. I had cut a stencil for the smaller face and it was OK in the first version but a little dark for the new face on the right side. The class was called "The Stranger", and I felt "strange, stranger, strangest" was a good description for this work. Here are the after and before scans:

After I was done with Part One of the Radiant Faces Classes, I did a couple more Dina inspired pages in my faces journal. I did the collaged one playing with my Derwent Inktense pencils and a StabiloAll black pencil on a bit of watercolor paper. The one on the aqua background was done following an online tutorial by Dina on painting a face. I really like both of them!

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