Thursday, January 22, 2009

Art Weekend Content

So Pam and I had spent two days creating and while I got a few backgrounds done, she did many pages in an altered book journal and quite a few journaling inspiration cards. You can see her results here: . Pam is a graphic artist with lots of skills in her bag. I usually take her ease and speed at creating in stride, i.e., I just expect her output to be about three times mine, but I was starting to feel some pressure to at least make something that had some content. So I did the Hard Heart page and a few soulless cards and felt a lot better. My heart is fine, by the way. (Unless Top Chef really does harden it.) All of the pieces have a major collage component and the more I do it, the more I enjoy it. Ken and I have even gone dumpster diving at the local recycling center to get some glossy magazines. The amazing resource of the King County libraries ongoing magazine sale is not available here, so send all of your old magazines my way. I cut out what I want and recycle the rest. I'm only partially kidding!


Kate Markey said...

Wow. You guys had fun. I'm green with envy. I especially like your "kiss and make up" one, but your Adam and Eve(?) one was so cool cause it's so different from your usual style.

Dieverdog said...

You did so much this time... as much as me I think. You always seem to have more of a concept than I do... I love the themes you come up with! These look neat on the computer as much as they did in person, it's neat to see both ways. I often scan my stuff but seldom do much with them once in the computer. I think it's really neat that you work both ways.