Sunday, February 1, 2009


The first three pictures were taken weeks ago and show how much snow was on the ground before the blast of 12 or more inches on January 28. I love moody shots and the first very grey one shows the auction barn from way back near the pond. The woodpile isn't one we created; it's just sitting in the woods. And there is a shot from near the back of the pond towards the house that I liked a lot.
The same hill is in both of the other pictures and it is all shoveled snow. After we had shoveled three times during the day Wednesday, I couldn't even throw the snow that high. I had cleared most of the upper driveway into the ridge across from the big hill and Ken had done the long drive out to the street. At 5:30 I quit, seriously asked him to leave the garage apron until the next day, and fumed while he finished the job, which took until 7:30 (after dark). If there is a pill for being ridiculous (aka stupid), they need to pass it out before snowstorms.

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Dieverdog said...

Can't believe you shoveled all that snow! Just doing a little bit of my walk wore me out! I'm not sure why you need to have so much cleared, but I wish I had Ken's energy! It does look pretty though. I'm glad you didn't seem to have the power outage problems, luckily I didn't either. Too bad it was too cold while I was there, would have been fun to walk and take photos in the woods. Maybe next time!