Thursday, February 26, 2009

Creative Space

This is what it looks like in the basement when someone is here working with me. My space is the one with the bookcase beside it. Usually that is full of all of my clay and clay tools, but they are easily moved to accommodate the paints and ink pads. Pam always brings two or more projects, with all of the paper, inkpads, stamps and tools so she needs plenty of room to unpack. We set up two tables for her and then clean off Ken's booth/bench behind her for overflow. I've only recently gotten the paper unpacked which makes everything much easier since I had shifted 8 heavy boxes up and down stairs several times. Plus since I print all of our business stuff, each time I shifted the boxes I had to find the right paper for those jobs. Much nicer now! I love the picture of Pam; she looks so surprised.
The day she left I pulled out ten board books that either I was working on or had gotten ready to work on to see how different I could make each set of pages. I used the same base color and much the same techniques on each of them, but switched out the colors on subsequent layers and whitewahed some of them with gesso.


Susan said...

Hello Sharon,
I tried writing you a letter but got a 'failure to deliver' notice. Do you remember my email address to send me your new one? Susan Barr

Dieverdog said...

I don't even recall you taking that pic of me! I now see that the little house book you made for my birthday is down there in the last photo! I will have to post photos of it on my blog... it's so awesome! You got so much done in such a short amount of time! Your ideas are always so creative. I can't wait to see how the garage studio is coming along. I wish the weather would start improving more, too.