Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not With a Bang...

I've been away from here for a while. On October 1, I sat myself down to produce the ornaments that would get me through the sales season of 2009. Thankfully, I had made some prototypes sometime earlier in the year because leaving only a month to do my production work was crazy. But even then was a little soon for the garden work; we ended up taking huge bags of produce to the local Salvation Army. I continued to make the ornaments through November and most of December, but it was obvious I hadn't done enough. So because it was my last year of production and I had run out of all of the new ornaments, I offered to make anything that was ordered by January 15. That turned out to be 98 ornaments and I finished them this morning, February 7 at 11:03. Which I recorded on this little clock that I've used for the last 20 or so years to measure out my life in little clay hands, and feet and noses. Well, maybe, it's the second clock I've had.
As I worked, I found that I had lost my patience for sitting such long hours and realized that it wasn't a second too soon to be moving on. There was actually quite a bit of whimpering and whining as the jobs seemed to multiply like the fishes and the loaves. And there is still a tentative order for a gingerbread house lingering in the back of my mind. But this morning I feel free to choose how to spend the next 24 hours. And then it's time to start working on my income taxes!!!

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Dieverdog said...

Well as soon as the snow clears and I can come up - we can celebrate! Dolls and stamping and computer games and whatever you want to do! Woo-Hoo! I bet you will have that feeling that I recall having when I got out of college - like there's something you ought to be doing - but then you remember, oh yeah, I don't have to do that anymore! (it's a really good feeling too!)