Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter on the Funny Farm

I'm not sure how these pictures inform what a winter this has been. We didn't get as much snow as Washington DC or even Pittsburgh. I can't seem to get photos of snow laden trees as the wind clears them too quickly. But you can see that the wind shaped our icicles so that they go south at the bottom and swirled snow up onto the covered deck where the firewood is stored. Some of the snow had to be shoveled because the plow was being serviced at the tractor dealer across the street when the first snow hit. It took Ken a few shots to learn how to use the plow but he has gotten much quicker with it. The day I tromped out to get the pictures of the field and treeline, the snow was at least 15 inches deep in places although there were places I got surprised by it being only 6 or 7 inches deep.
The plastic cup of ice has been sitting in the garage since Valentine's Day when we went to Mansfield to see Avatar. I guess when the ice in the cup changes its shape we'll know it's been above 32 degrees.


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Dieverdog said...

Neat pictures! Are the icicles actually frozen at an angle? We had some REALLY vicious looking ones everywhere around Columbus they even did news stories on them! Things have started to melt but we are getting a little more every day through this weekend so they say. I don't mind the snow so much, but it is crimping my traveling up to see you again!