Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Very Dark Side of Steampunk

This is my entry for the Dark Side of Steampunk challenge at Smudgy Antics.
As I was turning over in my mind what I considered the dark side of Steampunk, I was coming up with parallels between Victorian times and some aspects of contemporary life: now the child labor laws are being bandied about in US politics, the pollution is from fracking in addition to coal burning, state supported mental institutions were closed en masse in the seventies and eighties. Okay, maybe a little too dark, until I read in the paper they are going to starting a fracking well about 6 miles up the road. So this isn't nearly dark enough!!

Even the whimsical drawing (Digital Things on Etsy) by Alfred Robida from 1883 showing his vision of the future on steam portrays plenty of pollution. Prostitute #1 and crying girl with dog are from 100 Proof Press, charitable child is ALA Art, architectural drawing is from Artful Illusions, the rest of the figures are from Dover clip art books. The quote I found online. this too dark or not dark enough??


blackdragon said...

Sharon... this is a brilliant piece of Dark steampunk art.... but wether it is actually dark enough is a big question... the Victorian visions of the future as depicted by the likes of HG Wells didnt dwell on the appalling treatment of the poor/mentally ill/ sick or infirm.
I love this piece but have no idea what fracking is?
Thank you for entering Smudgy antics challenge this week i really hope you'll enter more of our challenges.

Sugar said...

this is amazing! you certainly put a lot of thought into it! fantastic!

Jane said...

A fantastic piece of Steampunk art I love it
Luv Jane xxx

monique said...

Love this it's a beautiful steampunk piece, great job thanks for playing at smudgy antics ;-) monique

Heather said...

What a great piece of work- love the steampunk influence and your colors!

Thanks for joining the Smudgy Antics challenge for this week.

~Lady B~ said...

Brilliant art piece, Sharon! I love the colors and composition and all the thought and work that you've put into it. Fabulous! Thanks for playing with Smudgy Antics this week :)

ike said...

This is fabulous and thought provoking. Great images and the whole thing is awesome.
I love the word 'fracking' I think we should use it as an expletive !!!!
Ike xxxx

Kristina said...

I think the darkness is just right! I totally love your digi work here w/ all the diff. images, you have truly done a wonderful job!! Just awesome!!

KC said...

very cool! so much cool stuff to look at! thanks for joining us at Smudgy Antics

MaRyKaY said...

very fabulous piece. Lots of goodies to look at. Love the quote and totally agree with all you think

Scrap Vamp said...

Fantastic work of art!

Ally White Cat said...

you see steam punk like i do this is magnificent piece of art . thank you for sharing.

susan s.