Tuesday, December 4, 2012

13 Days of Creepmas with Rick St. Dennis - Day 4

There is a subculture of Alice fans who love Dark Alice. I had been vaguely aware of it when my son was playing a video game called American McGee's Alice. It had very beautiful graphics and lots of blood. I encountered Dark Alice again in the world of ball-jointed dolls when artist Kim Lasher had a huge hit with her Dark Alice doll. Then last year American McGee released a new video game "Alice - The Madness Returns". I play lots of video games but do not have the quickness required for that kind of game. However, a book was published with much of the concept art and I had to have that.

As it happened, I was looking through that book shortly before I saw Rick's "Creepmas Dolls" digital image and it just clicked for me. The dolls in the latest game are in a dollhouse for insane dolls. Okay, here's my take:

The top image is the original Photoshop file. The window and siding are my photos. I wanted the name of an asylum, preferably of the Victorian era and English. Imagine my glee to find that one of them was called Bedlam.                   

This card I made with a print of the original is interesting in how blue it turned out. I guess that could have been the camera. I created the papers in Photoshop.

I did another take with the original image using a bombed out hotel in Lebanon but hadn't noted the photographer so I took this shot of a school in Seattle and it worked out fine. The lights are a clear stamp from Heidi Grace.

I hope you are enjoying seeing all of the Creepmas creations here on Rick's blog hop. Now I'll let you be on your way to see some more!! Don't get lost!


DonnaMundinger said...

The whole concept of Dark Alice makes me shiver with delight. Need a link or something to the book you're talking about. Your projects really capture the asylum vibe. Fab coloring and backgrounds. Love them both! xxD

Sharon Sahl said...

Here it is on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/The-Art-Alice-Madness-Returns/dp/1595826971/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1354631956&sr=8-3&keywords=the+madness+returns
or you can just take the title The Art of Alice - The Madness Returns and do a search on that.

monique said...

Have to check out that book. I am a big fan of that game. thimk cheshire looks awesome in the game. Windows 7 hates it. Cant play it anymore

Love your project. Very cool

Miranda said...

fantastic creation Sharon, awesome, love it, very curious to this dark Alice too, will check her out after the hop, great idea to make it real with a photograph, cool

Rick St. Dennis said...

Just frighteningly good manipulations-the colouring is wonderful and intelligent-great job

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Love the all these projects. The concept is inspired and the colouring is of course fabulous xxx

Caroline said...

Fabulous cards Sharon and great ideas! Love it how you can do this on your computer (then I'm a dumbo on my computer! Lol). Greetings, Caroline

Love crafts forever said...

It's a joy to see day after day your goodness of creativity. Love it!!
Hugs Nat

~Lady B~ said...

Wow! I am blown away again by your amazing talent! Frickin' awesome!

Hazel (Didos) said...

WOW these are brilliant, think I should have the top one made into a sign for my front door!!!! I missed hopping so much yesterday hence just popping by now, Love Hazelxo

Pauline said...

Wow... Alice is great! I love your creativity! Or is that creep-ativity? Bedlam has a new address... my address! LOL You rock, Sharon!

Ellis said...

Fantastic Alice creations, great backgrounds you have used too! =) The lights are a perfect frame!
Hugs, Elenor