Sunday, November 4, 2007

Collaging with Kate

The first image is the collage I made from the magazine and calendar pictures that Kate and I spent hours tearing out. We were both a little shy about starting to collage while Cheryl was there, but after she left we each did one. I don't have Kate's scanned but she used a lot of black and white images. When I got home, I scanned mine into Photoshop, cleaned up the edges I hadn't trimmed closely enough, did a few image adjustments, added the text I wanted but couldn't find in the magazines, and resized it into a tarot card size. While I'm not all that comfortable calling these soul collages, I do like personalizing them by completing the phrase "I am the one..." and this semi Fairy Tale collage (I admit it, I'm stuck) gave me a funny way to end the phrase.

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Dieverdog said...

Sharon, these are beautiful! I love how you collage stuff. I don't feel like I've quite "got" that technique down yet. I love your blog, it's turning out great and you've only just started!