Saturday, November 10, 2007

Full House

This was an insomnia inspired work. It doesn't really illuminate the friendships that I have with these two, other than to show that all of us are almost holiday babes. The queen of leaves is an almost Halloween babe, I am an almost Valentine babe, and the queen of shamrocks is an almost St. Patrick's Day babe. As reasons for enduring friendships go, being able to remember someone's birthday ranks right up there.

Each card was digitally put together ATC size before the whole was assembled. Being new to this idea of being on display, I find that I am thinking a bit more of who I am pleasing rather than if I am pleasing myself. And while I enjoy taking some new creation and showing it to a friend, I haven't ever been much concerned with anyone else's opinion of what I do. My husband says I love everything I do, and he's right. But this process seems more outer than inner, more revelaton than reflection. I know from looking at other people's blogs that this isn't true for everyone, and maybe the feeling pasts. For now, I'm excited at the prospects and awake almost every night at 4 am thinking of what I would like to write about next.

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Communications Dept. said...

Oh my gosh, I haven't been on here to check on you lately... what with my trip and all... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these! I'm thrilled to be the Queen of Shamrocks... and although I usually hate photos of myself I actually like the one you picked out to use. How fun... Love my new figure, too! We all look just smashing! What a fun idea... you think of such fun creative things that just blow me away, I'm so happy you are doing a blog so I and many others can see what you are up to... it helps me feel like you aren't so very far away.