Thursday, November 22, 2007

Queen of the Night

Interest in vampires comes and goes and usually I am completely unaware of the cycles. I read a lot of Anne Rice in the 80's, boring my teenage boys with "discussions" of how she integrated world history into vampire legend, but then a particularly gory movie with Nicholas Cage and the seeming endlessness of it all made me lose interest. This year, I started watching "Moonlight" and learned about the manga/goth?? inspired ball jointed dolls which somehow I had totally missed.

So when I started working on this amazing blue night shot I got a couple of weeks ago from the back deck, I put in some architecture, a fashion shot and one of those bjd heads and suddenly she was the Queen of the Night. Since those are also one of my favorite tulips, I had to get those in there too. The atmosphere is from duplicating each layer, appying a stamp filter and changing the mode to multiply to get rid of the white.

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Communications Dept. said...

Cool poem, I love the little gargoyle sitting up there and the color of blue is wonderful. Neat...I always liked those Anne Rice books, too... I don't know about the Nicholas Cage reference, but I hated that Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise were in that first movie based on her books... really ruined it for me. My favorite of hers was the Mummy or Ramses the Damned (I think that was the full title) it was really good and said there would be a sequel but there never was which bummed me out. I finally gave up hope after a while.
Love to see what inspires you... you should do the Muse Challenge on the Street Team Crusade and use vampires as one of your muses! They should be posting a new challenge today or tomorrow.