Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kate's White Soul

Kate finally found the collage that she made while I was in Davis visiting her. But only after she stopped looking for it. I know that's the best way to find something that's been stashed for safe-keeping, but usually I am too wrought up to stop looking. One of my favorite techniques for finding something is to start putting things away. My studio is often messy enough that that approach can last for at least half an hour; it calms me down and has such a nice side effect. And many times, I do find whatever was misplaced. Although, the quicker I find what's missing, the less cleaning I get done.

One of the reasons I enjoyed working on these collages as opposed to my usual Photoshop collaging is that we had to accept the images at the sizes we found them. It was a restraint that was quite liberating. When I am able to put the polymer clay, tools, trays, and paint away in December, I think I will probably do more of these. In the meantime, folder after folder of virtual images don't take nearly as much room to manipulate as folder after folder of paper images.

Kate's White Soul was minimally adjusted to offset the loss of contrast in scanning.

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Communications Dept. said...

Half an hour... it would probably take me days to clear out mine! That's neat, I like the cutting and collage type work, too... I think I can often do it faster than the Photoshop type... I just DO it and don't think as much and tweak and tweak. Fun to see/hear your thoughts as you put these down...kind of like our conversations.