Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 Days of Halloween - Day 27

WARNING: The following images contain pictures of DOLLS. You may get creeped out!! I'm taking another day off from the Witches pages because I really want to publish these pictures on Flickr and know they should be here first. I found this coffin at Michaels along with the paper-mache ones everyone has used. This one fit my smallest BJD so this was my choice. Painted purple, stamped and embellished with metal stuff!! A totally unnecessary shot but I love it!!

Uh-oh! Here she comes!

Showing her with two different wigs because that is just one of the fun things about these dolls! You can also change their eyes, their "faceups", and clothes of course. This lavender skinned doll was produced by Dream High Studio and stands an amazing 11 cm tall. She's in a class called tinies and actually is not the smallest doll available. When I was making the polymer clay ornaments, lots of them were about this size but they were figures whereas this sweetie is completely jointed and posable. Other than papercrafting, they are totally my current passion.

Great projects yesterday from everyone!! I did enjoy seeing so many with one theme (especially since I'm nutso about Steampunk stuff) and thought theming certain days might really be fun!


DonnaMundinger said...

LOVE your coffin, the purple just ROCKS! And that Doll! OOOOHHHH!!! I WANT one! xxD

ike said...

OMGoodness - I want hundreds of these... they are just amazing. The coffin is AWESOME - fab colour and the embellishments are superb. The suspense with the photos was GREAT hahahaha !!
What does BJD mean and where do these come from. Do you sell yours anywhere when you've done whatever you DO to them ????
:-) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sugar said...

I love these! great coffin too! you did a great job!!

Jane said...

Love your coffin the colour is awesome. Love the doll
Luv Jane xxx

monique said...

the coffin is so fbulous, love the purple and the doll

Alex said...

love the purple coffin! I have this one sitting all neglected in the box. It will probably stay that way because yours is amazing. The decorations, the skeleton draped on top, the dolls climbing out, WOW!! Great job and the pics are fab!!!

Sara a.k.a. Eternal Princess Ryan said...

Sharon... This is absolutely awesome!!! I love how this turned out and your doll is perfect!!! I think one of them needs to be added to 6 page wishlist!!! LMAO!!!! (It has grown by about 4 pages since the 31 days have started!!!!!)

Kristina said...

Your so cool! My fav color is Purple! And purple just suits your coffin, and cool looking coffin at that! Love how you decorated it. Love the doll and the skeleton just laying there too funny. To bad your not above me so you could send me this. Just kidding but totally Love it and wonderful job on your project! Actually if we go the way Susan suggested then Fiona would send me something and I would send something to Freddie right? Anyways your the coolest Lady! I would come visit you for sure if you lived in Main LOL! How was your visit w/ your "Friend" hope it was great! (Im sure it was)
Take care happy crafting!

Steph said...

Love this! The purple is just so fabulous and that doll is so cool. My fave pic is the one with her little hands coming out...looks so creepy!

Susan said...

WICKED COFFIN!!! great colors, and baubles, love the dolls!!

Dieverdog said...

Oh wow, she turned out so great! I think the red wig is more dramatic and vampire like. And the coffin came out beautifully. So many neat things you can do with it. Will she live in her coffin all the time now I wonder?